5 Ways Simple Things That Will Make You More Money

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What if you could make a lot more money — with the clients you already have, and with the content you’re already writing?

You can!

In this article, I’ll share 5 smart ways to make more money — without writing more articles. I’ll show you how to:

  • Add value to the content you’re writing — without writing more!

Ready? Let’s go!

First: let’s talk about socks, baby!

What, socks? Yes, socks!

And how new freelancers can use it to gain traction

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It’s no secret that in general, I am not a big fan of bidding sites for freelancers.

Although they can serve as a good place to start for beginners wanting to dip their toes in the freelancing waters, my general advice is always to get off them as quickly as possible and sell your services in more profitable ways.

(The only exception to that rule is Scripted, which is a freelance writing platform that I absolutely love. I’ve written more about that here)

Sometimes it’s not all about the money

However, when it comes to Fiverr, there is actually a reason you may want to set up…

Who knew Heinz tomato soup and taxes had so much in common

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Cleaning out my kitchen pantry had been on my to-do-list for ages.

Every time I opened it, at least one item would fall out. I’d be ducking to avoid the falling bags of macaroni and oatmeal. On good days I’d catch them falling, and all was well. On not so good days, they’d hit the floor, and there’d be spaghetti everywhere. And on the worst days, I’d get a can of tomato soup in the head.

And yet, all this time, I was cooking delicious meals.

I’d simply gotten used to working around the mess.

Then came the pandemic, and…

Three simple questions will set you up for success

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So your product is launched, and now you’re looking into how to leverage content marketing? Awesome!

The right content will help you attract your target audience, educate them about your solution and convert them into customers. Investing in content marketing from the beginning is one of the most cost-efficient ways you can grow your business.

While it’s difficult to imagine HubSpot as a startup today, that’s exactly what they were back in 2006. And they’re an astounding example of the power of content marketing. To this day, 75% of their generated leads still come from content.

You’re probably brimming with…

8 non-obvious benefits of outsourcing your content operations

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Some companies, especially startups, are hesitant to outsource their marketing. They may believe it’s more expensive than running marketing in-house, or that their offer and message are too complex to be conveyed by an agency.

While these worries are perfectly understandable, I will here debunk them as the myths that they are. Because the truth is, most B2B companies have a lot to gain, and very little to lose, from outsourcing content marketing to a specialist agency.

9 benefits of outsourcing your B2B content marketing

#1 Lower costs

Hiring a full in-house marketing team comes with high costs. And, as always when you’re employing people, it comes with responsibilities. Not only…

It’s not the same as your value proposition

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Knowing who you serve, and how you serve them, may seem pretty elementary if you’re running a business. And yet, if I had a penny for every founder I’ve met who failed to articulate that concisely, I would perhaps not be rich. But I’d sure have a pretty big pile of pennies.

Because there is this one common mistake that everyone in business (myself included), is always tempted to make. We like to think we can help everyone.

And if we can’t help everyone, we still don’t want to close the door to anyone. …

These 5 free online editing resources will save your day

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When you’re a freelance writer, adding images to your writing is a quick and fun way to increase the value of your offer — and the savings in your bank account. How so?

Well, let’s say you’re doing blogging and social media for a company. If you can also provide the images for those blog articles and social media posts, you can not only charge more — your customer will love you for it.

But, as soon as you start dabbling in images, you’ll realise they need editing. And if you’re not a savvy photoshopper, this might make you nervous.

Because what gets measured gets improved

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“What gets measured gets managed.”

These words have been attributed to different authors, but most commonly management consultant Peter Drucker who according to tons of articles supposedly wrote/uttered them some 40 years ago. Well, that turned out to be one of those things that everyone got wrong but just kept repeating, as shown by Danny Buerkli as he debunks the whole story.

Nevertheless, I will hijack this famous fake quote and twist it for my purposes.

Because my version: “what gets measured gets improved”, is something I’ve found to be so very true. At least in the context of freelancing…

Getting it right changed everything

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We hear it everywhere. We read it everywhere. We tell each other to do it.

“You need to love yourself first!”

It’s become a modern-day mantra, hijacked by everything from beauty brands (because you’re worth it), to internet-coaches and nail saloons.

It’s become one of those things we tend to say, repeat, even believe in, without ever really deconstructing what it actually means.

“You need to love yourself first”

“Love yourself”

Yes, I want to, but how? What does it mean?

Let’s have a look at what the dictionary says:


[ self-luhv ]


  1. the instinct by which one’s actions are…

New topic ideas, more traffic and better language

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When writing for the web, there are some things, apart from the quality of your actual writing, that you want to keep in mind. Things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), grammar and optimized headlines.

Luckily, there are ways to get on top of these things pretty effortlessly. I find that the following four tools consistently help me write more and better content, faster.

Let’s have a look, shall we?

4 Free Web Tools That Will Improve Your Writing

#1 Answer The Public

This is a lovely site where you can discover what people ask questions about on Google. It’s a great way to get inspiration and find new angles for the topics you…

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