It’s a novel. Will we let it become reality?

Have you read “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy?

I bought it for my youngest son. But he never read it and by chance, I picked it up the other week.

Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Sometimes you read a book, and the timing makes it stand out with…

These 3 mindset shifts just might change your life

I used to do self-love all wrong.

Like many people, I interpreted the term self-love as a feeling. A feeling of “loving oneself.”

This, I guess, is the same mistake people often to do in relationships.

They tell each other they love each other. And often, that is true, in…

You need to learn the 4 Us of copywriting

First of all, why is the headline so important?

When crafting a headline for your piece of content, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your potential reader is bombarded with hundreds of messages every day.

Your reader will give your headline a second or two at best, before deciding whether to keep scrolling or to actually click your…

There’s a simple cure for “toddler defiance”. It’s called empathy.

It’s such a classic scene, isn’t it?

The child in the grocery store, having a tantrum in the candy section.

Or in the toy store, throwing a fit because they can’t have that shiny, pretty thing they want.

Or at the playground, when they don’t want to go home.


A life-saving method for crafting new stories in no time

If you’re writing regularly, you’re bound to have some days when the muse just won’t show.

There are days when “life gets in the way.”

When the stress and problems of the outside world seep into your writer’s bubble and prevent you from focusing. …

And an experiment that proves it works

Price. Value. Cost. These are tricky concepts, and I think we can all agree there is no objective and entirely rational way to define them.

What we’re prepared to pay for a product or a service is not so much a matter of the actual value, but rather of perceived…

Use this template to make your offer irresistable

Knowing who you serve, and how you serve them, may seem pretty elementary if you’re running a business.

And yet, if I had a penny for every freelancer I’ve met who failed to articulate that concisely, I would perhaps not be rich. …

You may have 100 ideas — but will you write 100 articles?

There are obviously many things that affect your level of productivity as a writer. But I’ve found that the number one thing that separates my more productive periods from the ones that are, ahem, less productive, is this one habit.

Or skill, if you like.

It’s a process thing, and…

As INFPs we live in the potentiality rather than reality

Being an INFP means it’s quite rare to feel understood. Actually, I think the first time I really ever felt understood was when I took the Myers Briggs test for the first time and read my results.

Suddenly I got an outside perspective on my personality and found the words…

These 5 hacks will grow your audience and supercharge your income

You know those days when you feel like earning more, but you don’t feel like writing more?

Those days can actually turn out to be the most lucrative ones if you just make use of them wisely. Because those are the perfect days for content optimization and content distribution.


Nina M. Q.

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