You need to learn the 4 Us of copywriting

First of all, why is the headline so important?

When crafting a headline for your piece of content, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your potential reader is bombarded with hundreds of messages every day.

Your reader will give your headline a second or two at best, before deciding whether to keep scrolling or to actually click your…

You may have 100 ideas — but will you write 100 articles?

There are obviously many things that affect your level of productivity as a writer. But I’ve found that the number one thing that separates my more productive periods from the ones that are, ahem, less productive, is this one habit.

Or skill, if you like.

It’s a process thing, and…

These 5 hacks will grow your audience and supercharge your income

You know those days when you feel like earning more, but you don’t feel like writing more?

Those days can actually turn out to be the most lucrative ones if you just make use of them wisely. Because those are the perfect days for content optimization and content distribution.


Nina M. Q.

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