Burt’s Bees: a Study in Successful Storytelling

How a good founder’s story can outlive the founder

Photo by İbrahim Özdemir on Unsplash

Storytelling in marketing — how does it work?

Ever heard of the Significant Objects Project? It’s an experiment carried out in 2009 by two reporters; Rob Walker of The Washington Post and Joshua Glenn from The New York Times. They wanted to show that stories are the main driver behind perceived value.

Burt’s Bees and the power of a great founder’s story

Burt’s Bees is the perfect real-life example of how we don’t buy products; we buy stories. Burt’s bees most sold product is a chapstick.

“Who’s Burt?”

The story of Burt and his bees began with Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz, an adorably eccentric and hippiesque couple from Maine. Roxanne and Burt met during a hitchhiking encounter and fell in love. Roxanne was an artist. Burt was a beekeeper, well-known locally for selling honey from his pick-up truck.

This video will make you smile :)

A legacy that lives on

For a great lesson in storytelling and marketing, but also a wonderfully told life story, go check out the “Our Story” section on Burt’s Bees’ website.

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