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  • David Asch

    David Asch

    Product Development Executive and Founder of https://10xPrinciples.com. Writer of technical stuff, health & fitness, and humor.

  • Julia Freeman, an anonymous survivor

    Julia Freeman, an anonymous survivor

    I write from my experience of being raised by a narcissist and being married to an abusive narc for over 20 years. I use my experience to help others live free.

  • Payton Burdette

    Payton Burdette

    Therapy disguised as comedy. I'm kinda funny on my Youtube Channel: Payton Burdette

  • Justine Bushmeyer

    Justine Bushmeyer

  • Aaron Nichols

    Aaron Nichols

    Vagabond. Yoga teacher. Surfer. Here to laugh+inspire. Loving what you’ve read? join 2000+ others at The Well-Lived Life! https://thewelllivedlife.substack.com/

  • Linda Guest

    Linda Guest

    I specialise in ghostwriting but write here as myself. I am interested in education, social justice and the human condition. linda@appliedthinking.co.uk.

  • Kristin Wong

    Kristin Wong

    Kristin Wong has written for the New York Times, The Cut, Catapult, The Atlantic and ELLE.

  • Mark Chu

    Mark Chu

    I’m an associate professor in psychology at a small university in southern New Mexico. I like playing musical instruments, basketball, and writing stories.

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